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"Wear Your Color!"

Tricia Anne, an East Coast Angeleno stylist, athlete, and mother founded Anne Nichols Jewelry in 2023. Her love affair with fashion is hardly unique, as she tries her best to avoid following trends and considers herself a bit of a tomboy. To Tricia, a tomboy is confident, adventurous, and little bit rebellious. They are bold, chic, and seductive. Tricia would describe her personal style as mixture of stealthy, classic attire with a few bold and boho chic statements from Anne Nichols Jewelry to top it off — ultimately creating a fierce, yet soft and refined look that represents her! Without a doubt, Anne Nichols Jewelry is the absolute compromise to all of Tricia’s color and statement additions for her personal, everyday style.

I would consider Anne Nichols Jewelry to be the real focal point of my creative and adventurous passion for traveling. My vision for Anne Nichols Jewelry is compromised by my love for the beach, whether it’s the shores of the East Coast to the South of France. My cities of influence and admiration are London, UK and Los Angeles, CA. The combination of the beach and city can be seen all throughout my jewelry collection!